The Drawing on the Fridge

Everyone wants to contribute, to be a part of the human experience in a way that is meaningful.. We don’t want to simply add to the noise of life. That is the point of this blog/website, whatever it may become.  There is so much in our lives that competes for our attention and we so easily give our attention to that which screams the loudest, is the most persistent, or flashes the brightest. And so we get lost in a Times Square of life, lots of noises and distractions but little substance. It is my desire for the ideas presented in Monday’s Musing to be something that makes you think, for the artists you are exposed to on”Featured Artist Friday” to be artists that make you appreciate the beauty of life or challenge you to dig deeper, do a little modern excavation. And lets be honest, they are all artists that I either know/respect/like and think that others should know them too. I’m a fan above a journalist.

There are a lot of other websites like this and mine certainly won’t be the best. But I once heard an artist talk about why he wrote songs for the church, when there were so many deep classics to already sing that had more profound meaning than he was likely to contribute. He said that it is like a little kid who wants to make a drawing for his parents; it isn’t going to be the best drawing, it won’t be worth a whole lot to anyone but his parents, but there is a desire inside of every kid to make his masterpiece, to contribute a drawing to be hung on the kitchen fridge. So here is my kitchen fridge drawing.